I haven’t done any Flex development to date. None of my clients have the money to spend on it and I haven’t had enough free time to play around with it for my own education. However, I have seen many demo applications done in it and read multiple white papers on the Flash Platform and Flex.

Now comes news of Zorn, an RIA development tool for producing Flex applications. It was also announced that Zorn will be built as a plug-in for the Eclipse platform – a huge bonus – and will also leverage MXML and Actionscript.

Another fantastic piece of news released yesterday by Mike Chambers is that developers will now be able to code, test and compile Flex applications without the need for a Flex server. Now, he also made it clear that this would not be the case for Enterprise level applications, but for applications that make up about 95% of the Internet that we use, this is great. To put it into perspective, imagine being able to compile and deploy a simple ColdFusion web site or content management application to the web without the need to test or deploy on the ColdFusion Server!

I have worked on several large, Enterprise level applications that utilized Flash and ColdFusion to make some amazing presentations to large audiences, but when I think back to the hurdles that needed to be jumped and the amount of effort required to get ColdFusion and Flash talking fluently, I become more excited about Macromedia’s Flash Platform initiative.

I also recommend anyone who develops rich internet application to read the Flash Platform white paper. Macromedia has this going in the right direction, IMHO.

Listen to developers, create seamless experiences for end-users, provide the right tools, and support integration with other technologies.

What a concept!