A bit closer to home this time.

My family’s company back home has been running a ColdFusion-powered site that I wrote for them yyeeeeaaarrrsss ago. My sister, who is now running the marketing department, wants to do an overhaul of the site, because it has been yyeeeeaaarrrsss since the first version.

Obviously, I’m not available to help them out full time – y’know, being four states away with a wife and two kids and all – and she’s found it impossible to find anyone with ColdFusion skills back in Pittsburgh. She’s made the decision to use PHP as the technology for the new site.

Kinda speaks for itself there.

Weird that I’ve been a small time evangelist for ColdFusion all these years and recently all I’ve been hearing about is how people are deciding to not use it any more.

What’s going on?