I Dont Want To Hear About It


This is all my opinion that, likely, is the result of lack of sleep combined with a couple interactions this morning with some really awful people. If reading me rant is not your cup of tea today, please move on.

If your Great Big New Idea is some shitty e-commerce site whose sole purpose is to sell more shit to people who don’t need more shit, thereby consuming more of our precious natural resources for the sake of consumerism all in the name of making you rich so that you, in turn, can go out and buy more shit that you don’t need….

I don’t want to hear about it.

Seriously, we’ve fucked up this world so much in our past states of selfishness and ignorance. Isn’t it time we stop passing the buck down to future generations? Can’t we start cleaning up this mess?

I think that we’ve acquired enough game consoles, smart phones, plastic quad copters, and worthless crap from China (produced by child, slave labor) and cheap clothes from Wal-Mart that we can start using our collective intelligence and work ethic to help people. Help people that really need help. I’m not talking about sending $20 to some poor, first world woman who broke her foot and has to scale back her spending for a little while.

You know what happened yesterday while we all sipped our lattes and caught up with each other on Facebook in our 4000 square foot homes?

A child starved to death.
A woman was beaten by her douchebag husband.
Someone who is talented and passionate about engineering, or health care, was just denied access to education on it.
A husband lost his wife too early to an easily curable disease.
Thousands of birds died because they don’t know that our trash isn’t food.
A corrupt politician or military person or religious figurehead abused his power to destroy someone’s life.
A lot of other bad shit that I don’t want to list here.

So I’m sorry if reading about your shitty new company on TechCrunch this morning that specializes in flash sales on bath soaps, ugly designer shirts, skinny jeans, and art from some pretentious jackass I’ve never heard of before didn’t get me all atwitter with excitement.

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